Core Services


I offer a FREE 10-minute discovery call to talk about how I can help you on your journey!


In the 75 minute comprehensive initial session, we will talk about what brought you here, your history, any medically related issues, and your goals. I’ll review any lab work or other health-related data that you have so that we can make a plan that will work best for you personally. We will work together to set big-picture goals, each with small actionable steps to achieve those goals. I’ll provide you with personalized resources to support you on your journey.


In the 50 minute follow up session we will focus on revisiting and adjusting your goals, talking through struggles you may have, and continue working together to support you moving forward. The counseling “hour” is 50 minutes of face-to-face time and 10 minutes of note taking, session preparation, and time for me to contact and touch base with other members on your team such as your therapist or doctor to ensure you are getting the best care. 

I also really believe in consistent care between appointments so you have the support you need. Included in the cost of this appointment is the continued support between appointments – that includes the use of our online platform where you can directly message me to check in, send and receive handouts and documents tailored to your care, record your food, mood, and symptom logs, and getting direct feedback from me to help support you on your journey.


Package of 4 follow up appointments for existing patients who have already had their initial appointment.

Looking for services like corporate wellness, grocery store tours, & pantry makeovers? Head over here to find out more about specialty services!

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