Food Freedom: 12-Week Intuitive Eating Group

Food Freedom: 12-Week Intuitive Eating Group

Ditch dieting for good & discover food freedom.

Group registration is OPEN for the Fall 2021 group starting in September!

Are you SO sick of dieting and constantly feeling like a failure? You have not failed – diets have failed you.

Diets don’t work long term. There is a better way.

Intuitive Eating can help you learn how to listen to what YOUR body needs, learn to trust your body, and open the door to FINALLY feeling food freedom

Are you wanting to learn more about what Intuitive Eating is and how to actually implement it into your life? Then keep reading!

This group will help you:

* Have connection & encouragement in a positive community.

* Learn what Intuitive Eating is and how to implement it into your own day to day life.

* Gain the freedom and permission to ditch dieting for good!

You’ll get:

* One hour online group sessions every other week (a total of 6) led by Meredith Alvarez, RDN (Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor).

* Intuitive Eating Workbook shipped to your door.

* Self paced modules to help guide you between each group session.

* All of the resources, handouts, and activities you’ll need to support your journey.

* Online support and communication with both the dietitian directly and other group members through a safe and secure platform.

What will sessions look like?

* Each group session will be a combination of education, time to ask questions, and group discussion.

The group cost is: $499 for all 12 weeks of group, materials, resources and support.

*Payment plan available*

Group space is limited, so register now to reserve your spot.

Have you already been on your Intuitive Eating journey awhile and you want to dive deeper? Sign up for our monthly Diving Deeper group. Email me to get on the waitlist.

Note: This group is not for those that have an active eating disorder or have any medical or mental health issues that would make it unsafe for you to participate in the group. I am happy to work with you one on one as part of your team in your recovery or help you find other resources. This group is strictly for educational purposes only and should not taken as, or replace, medical advice or any work you might be doing with a therapist, dietitian or other healthcare professional.