Grocery Budget – January 2019

Grocery Budget – January 2019

So, how did I do on the January Grocery Budget Challenge?! We (mostly) stayed in budget, but we also had some challenges. I lost a couple of receipts (but was able to track the expenses in our YNAB account) and we went over on our going out to eat budget. Overall though, I think we did pretty good considering where we started. Progress not perfection.

Here is the amount we spent in January:

Week 1 – $98.32

Week 2 – $279.44 (Stock up trip to Costco)

Week 3 – $148.43

Week 4 – $289.53 (Another Costco trip)

Week 5 – $93.06

Total on groceries: $908.78

We spent right at $300 on going out to eat – our budget was $200. We kind of blew that, but I feel pretty ok with it since we typically spend that much on going out to eat AND $1200 on groceries. So, overall a win. A quick reminder that we are a family of 5 – 2 adults, a 10 year old, 7 year old, & 4 year old. We eat gluten-free and almost 100% organic – that’s what works for our family, and it may look different what works for yours!

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What worked? What could I do better?

Overall, I think tracking was SUPER helpful to keep me from spending on those extra items. Meal planning also really helps keep the extra expenditures in check. When I go to the store with a very specific plan and already know exactly what items I have on hand at home, I spend less. BUT – we could totally do better and reduce our going out to eat budget. I think that may be my next big focus. We don’t go out often, but when we do, I like to eat really good quality food… which can be expensive.

If you want to see more about my grocery budget in the month of January – go check out my saved Instagram stories.

I’d love to hear how your month went. Let me know how grocery budgeting has been working for your family and what has helped!

Just a reminder – you can still get your free grocery budgeting worksheets to track your family’s expenses!