Grocery Budget Challenge

Grocery Budget Challenge

Ah, the New Year. It’s a time for fresh starts and goal setting. For me, one of the things I want to focus on is our budget. Specifically our grocery budget. I don’t know about you, but I way overspent in December and need to get back on the budgeting bandwagon. I’m planning to really focus on my grocery budget this January, and I’m inviting you to come along on the journey!


I’m about to get REALLY vulnerable here and tell you how much we actually spend on groceries… eek.

We budget $1200 per month on groceries (and sometimes I go over that). Gulp.

Now, we are a family of 5, in a high cost of living area, we eat almost 100% organic or local, and we are gluten-free. Quality food is a priority for us, but I still think we could do better on cutting our grocery budget down. We budget about $250-300 per month on going out to eat – which may seem like a lot to some, and not a lot to others. I think we could cut back on that too.

For the January Grocery Budget Challenge, we are budgeting $900 for groceries and $200 for going out to eat. 

That may seem crazy high or crazy low to some, but it is what is right for our personal budget, goals, and lifestyle. I encourage you to think about what will work for YOUR family, not necessarily compare to what others are doing. We will be making healthy, whole foods a priority still while sticking to the budget. I’ll be sharing lots of ways to eat healthy real food while on a budget over on Instagram all month long.


HOW am I going to do this? Here are the three main steps:

  1. By closely tracking how much I’m spending.
  2. Meal planning so I can plan what to actually buy.
  3. Taking an inventory of my pantry, fridge, & freezer to use what I have before just buying more.

You can do this too by using the three FREE worksheets I made to go along with this challenge!

I truly believe that most people don’t have any clue what they are actually spending on groceries (Or on going out to eat. Or on anything, really). The first BIG thing I want to encourage you to do is to start tracking your actual spending. Every. Single. Penny. you actually spend on groceries and going out to eat. We use YNAB (You Need A Budget) to track all of our spending. It has been truly life-changing for us. I encourage you to start using a budgeting system like this, but to start small, print out my grocery budget worksheet below to just get a jumpstart on really knowing where your money is going.


How can you join in?

Do you want to save money on groceries too? Join me for the January Grocery Budget Challenge! Print out your FREE worksheets below and start tracking how much you’re spending!

grocery budget challenge

Click here to download the FREE worksheets I created to help guide you on your grocery budgeting journey!

Here’s how to use your FREE worksheets:

  1. Use the budget worksheet to set your monthly and weekly budgeted amounts. These are totally personal to your income, family size, and goals.
  2. Using the inventory list, take an inventory of everything in your fridge, freezer, & pantry – making sure to always shop from what you have before heading to the store.
  3. Use the grocery list and write out a meal plan for the week and make a grocery list for that week based on what you actually need.
  4. Track how much you’ve spent each week by using the budget document to keep you accountable.
  5. Post about it over on Instagram and tag me so I can see your progress. Tag your friends for them to join in too!

You’re not alone on this journey! Make sure to follow me on Instagram to follow my journey and for more tips, tricks, & encouragement along the way. I’ll be showing you lots of ways to eat healthy while on a budget. Tag me in your posts & use the hashtag #grocerybudgetchallenge so we can all follow along on YOUR journey. Let’s keep each other accountable and encourage one another!

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